Book Review: Hating Christmas by Carol Rose


Documentary filmmaker Holly hates Christmas, but she must spend it with her much-loved mother and the man her mom married after she hadn’t seen him for forty years. To make matters worse, big time Hollywood agent Levi Harper is her new step-father’s son and Holly has just gone around Levi to get his client to sign a contract to do her new documentary.Levi’s furious because his actor is up for a big budget film due to film at the same time as Holly’s piddly documentary. If only red-headed Holly weren’t so frustrating–and so hot–he could have reasoned with her, but she’s sexy and entangling. While she and Levi both hate Christmas and both think their parents should break-up, they’re both drawn to one another and together they discover that Christmas can be both satisfying and magical.



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Not everyone loves the Christmas season. Holly never recovered from losing her father during the holiday’s. She hates everything about Christmas. Even more so when she has to spend it with her mother, new stepfather and his son.Without giving away any spoilers and despite knowing that it was added for a bit of humor and to set up the rivalry between the two main characters, I found the beginning and the meeting of the step siblings just a little too coincidental. I also felt the idea of two grown adults conspiring to break up their parents was a little far fetched and there were some proofreading errors that threw you for a moment, but nothing too jarring that took away from the story. With that being said, the interactions between Holly and Levi was completely believable and on par. Their romance makes the story. They are both fun, witty and likable and the attraction between them sizzles. I was thoroughly impressed with the steamy scenes and the author’s attention to detail in her descriptions of all the Christmas decorations. A fun, sensual read that leaves you warm in the end.





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