Book Review: Under the Mistletoe by M.C. Cerny

MCCernyMonroe Matches is throwing the hottest holiday mixer for all the sexy singles in Miami. We’ve got the mistletoe. Come and meet your holiday match…

Carla Monroe has been matching couples for decades, but if there’s one match she hasn’t gotten right, it’s her son, Phineas. No woman has sparked his interest, no matter how many of her top contenders she’s secretly paraded in his path…both in and out of the office.

Luckily for Carla, Maxine Mackenzie has finally come back to Miami. Once she pairs her grumpy marketing director son with the free-spirited party planner, sparks fly. Taking a cue from her shaman, Carla hightails it out of town to let the two people who need a match the most fall…Under the Mistletoe.

Due to content this sexy novella is intended for readers, age 18+

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Don’t let the title fool you. Under The Mistletoe, although centered around a holiday meet and greet, isn’t a story overly packed with the holiday spirit. A short, fast paced story, you could enjoy this novella any time of year. Clustered with humor, M.C. Cerny creates a witty romance of two kids who never got over their childhood crush.

After twelve years, Maxine Mackenzie returns to Miami as a consultant to plan a party for her best friend’s, mother’s, matching making business. Fresh off a breakup and insecure about her curvaceous body, she’s unsure of what to think when she runs into her her friends pesky older brother, Phineas Monroe. Slightly arrogant, but also sweet Phineas, never forgot Maxi either and is thrown off kilter when she arrives at his mother’s office and literally falls into him. Unknown to them both, they soon find out that they’ll be working together.

This was such a fun story. The banter between the characters is hilarious and yet believable. They sizzle nearly from the moment they reconnect. I did find the instantaneous feelings for two people who hadn’t seen one another since they were 11 and 14, somewhat unbelievable and would have liked a little more leading up to the emotions involved, but as I mentioned, this story is amusing enough that you quickly overlook that part.

Light and quick, this is one you’ll finish in one sitting and still be laughing about afterwards.





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