Book Review: Love Beyond Words by Emma Scott

scottShe thought the best love affairs only happened in books…

Traumatized by the deaths of her parents three years ago, Natalie Hewitt lives an introverted life, taking college classes during the day and working as a barista in a coffee shop at night. A passionate reader, she uses the writing of the world-famous and reclusive novelist Rafael Melendez Mendón to assuage her grief. His words are her refuge, his characters better company than anyone she could meet in real life… until Julian Kovač walks into the café one summer evening. He is a handsome, quiet young man and Natalie feels an instant connection.

But Julian has a secret that is both the most wonderful revelation Natalie could possibly imagine…and the very thing that could tear them apart.


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A complimentary copy of this book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Love Beyond Words, City Lights Series #1 by Emma Scott is a captivating tale of two slightly awkward, shy and yet believable characters, who overcome past traumatic obstacles and find their true love.

Student by day, barista by night, introvert Natalie Hewitt finds solace in words- words of any kind, but especially those of famed recluse author, Rafael Melendez Mendon. They are the only comfort and joy in her life since losing both her parents in a car accident. That is, until Julian Kovac comes into the coffee shop where she works. Mesmerized not only by his beauty, but also the understanding of his desire to be left alone, Natalie patiently watches him for months as he says nothing aside from his drink order and then sits at a table to write. A friendship blooms when he finally asks her to join him, but from the very beginning there is clearly more between these two.

Love Beyond Words, is a slow paced and slightly suspenseful love story. One in which the tempo should be mentioned with merit. Emma Scott gives us an unhurried tale of two people with whom you see and feel fall in love over a period of time. Although the romantic elements are gradual, it’s also what makes this story unique. Even without a rush of instantaneous passion or high dramatic events, the two characters are so well and precisely developed that you can’t help but want to get to know them better. The storyline is a bit predictable in places, but the author’s smooth writing style draws you in and you quickly forget that you know what might happen next because you’re too wrapped up with all the small details. I felt her ability to set a certain tone for the characters was done superbly. I could hear Natalie’s soft understanding voice and Julian’s charming accent in my head. The dialogue was casual, realistic and the supporting characters were just as plausible.

Mostly told from Natalie and Julian’s POV, my only complaint would be the small pieces we get from a couple of the other characters POV. Although I understand they were likely added to further along the suspenseful side of the plot, I felt these snippets drew you away from the story and then it took you a moment to get back into Natalie’s and Julian’s head. Aside from that, it would have been a worthy 5 star read.

With a few steamy scenes that are neither overly detailed nor extremely modest, the sweet romance fills you with tenderness, while the suspenseful aspects keep it exciting.

Easily deserved 4 Stars!



One thought on “Book Review: Love Beyond Words by Emma Scott

  1. Great review. I love stories like these, especially about heroines who read and men who are quiet. I haven’t read many slow-paced stories that I really like, but it doesn’t seem like this story will drag. I can’t wait to check it out!


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