Book Review: The Confection Connection by Monica Tillery

ccAfter appearing on a popular reality cooking show, Carly Piper’s newly opened bakery is landing her in debt. Making the cakes for the celebrity wedding of the year might be the answer to all her troubles.Problem is, her rival from the show, Michael Welch, is also pitching his bakery to the celebrity couple. When a misunderstanding leads the quirky bride to think they’re a couple, she wants to hire them both.Stuck traveling together to keep up appearances, the pair finds themselves cozying up to the idea of making their fake relationship real. But a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity leaves these two wondering whether they have the right recipe for success after all. Can Michael and Carly create something lasting or is their love a half-baked proposal?

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A complimentary copy of The Confection Connection was received in exchange for an honest review.
Carly Piper met her nemesis, Michael Welch while on a reality style bake-off TV show. One in which Piper was happy to be voted off just to get away from Michael, who eventually went on to win. They are thrown back together when they both show up to interview for a celebrity wedding and get the gig on the pretense that they are a couple.The Confection Connection is a cute, sweet read with no big surprises or over the top dramatics. It flows easily, leaving you feeling warm and cozy throughout. The characters are well developed, believable and the attraction between the two is intense and yet modest. Always the professional, Piper comes across icy in the beginning, but Michael’s fun and charismatic banter warms her up and keeps the tension between the two light.
Overall, a satisfying read- 4 Stars







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