Book Review: Running Interference by Elley Arden

runningAs an offensive linewoman for the Cleveland Clash, Tanya Martin is tough inside and out. The 5’9” beauty can take a hit and keep on going. But when the man she was best friends with—and secretly in love with—in high school comes home the same day she learns her father’s gym is in financial trouble, she’s unexpectedly blindsided.

Super Bowl MVP Cam Simmons is only back in town to convince his mom to move out of her failing neighborhood and live in luxury with him in Boston. But running into Tanya stirs up plenty of old feelings he never resolved. He was happy to leave his old life behind him when he hit the NFL, but walking away from their friendship was a mistake he wants to rectify.

As they work together to help save her dad’s gym, Cam and Tanya’s easy camaraderie and undeniable chemistry resurface. But can she open up enough to trust him with her heart a second time around?


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A complimentary copy was received in exchange for an honest review.

There’s something about first. First crush, first kiss, first love, first … ahem-you know. Tanya Martin and Cam Simmons shared a few of those. In fact, being close friends, they shared a lot, until Cam got drafted into the NFL and quit calling or coming around. But, five years later, he returns to his old neighborhood and immediately runs into Tanya. And with one look at each other, all those past feelings spark up again.I’m a sucker for second chance romances and Running Interference did not disappoint. This is my first Elley Arden read and I can guarantee it won’t be my last. She has a unique writing style. Simple, yet strong with fluid and easy dialogue, you can’t help but dive in and not come up until you’re finished. I loved the way she brought the glamour of being a pro-athlete down to a normal perspective. Any woman would fall in love with Cam. Rich, smooth and super sexy, he’s a total package, but in a down-to-earth way. His and Tanya’s rapport makes the closeness of their past friendship fully understandable. Also making you realize Tanya’s apprehension for any feelings she might have. Tanya herself is a unique character and another aspect of the story I enjoyed. Also an athlete, she’s a mentally and physically strong woman who has her act together. She’s not the needy or fickle type who’s in search of someone to make her life complete. She has what she needs- family, friends, a good job and sports. Or at least that’s what she believes until Cam enters her life again.Flirty, fun, and emotionally driven, Running Interference is the first installment of a new series, The Cleveland Clash. It’s not only a story of a second chance at love, but a tale of family, friendships and finding out where you belong.






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