Book Review: Broken Chords by Carrie Elks

brokenLara knows she should feel lucky. Married to the man of her dreams, with a gorgeous new baby, she should be enjoying her happy-ever-after. But she never expected motherhood to be so difficult, or for her life to change so dramatically.

Alex has it all: hot, tattooed looks, a beautiful wife, and a band that’s finally getting noticed. A lucrative offer of a US tour should be the icing on the cake. But as he leaves the country, distance isn’t the only thing that starts to pull their relationship apart.

With half a world dividing them, Alex and Lara have to battle for a marriage they once took for granted.




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For Lara and Alex Cartwright, life seemed perfect. With a good marriage and new baby, they thought they had it all, but neither were prepared for the strain of how being new parents might affect their relationship or the internal struggles each would entail with realizing that having a child does change things.

Amazing! This story spoke to me on so many levels, I find it hard to wrap it all up neatly in a little review. Realistic, heartfelt, relatable, I could go on and on about all the strong qualities that make this a five star read. The author leaves nothing out. She touches every aspect of marriage and parenting and how in the beginning they don’t always mesh the way we’d expect them to. But, please don’t let the idea of this being about marriage and babies fool you into thinking it’s a chick-lit driven storyline. Despite being polar opposites, the chemistry between Lara and Alex is smoking hot. Their relationship is both, physically and emotionally intense. At times it became so tumultuous, my gut wrenched and my chest ached. I sympathized with each of them and felt their joy, angst and pain. And the details! Oh my!! The author has a way of bringing details into the story that make you fully grasp everything around you. From a car horn honking, and the breeze blowing through the air, to baby Max’s drool sliding off his chin, you feel as if you are there experiencing everything around you.

I would like to note the explicit language throughout the book. In my opinion, it’s fitting for the characters personalities and not added just for theatrics of the story. If you find that offending, this might not be the book for you, however if you’re looking for an emotionally driven read that leaves you wanting more, this is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

Beautifully written, intense, and emotional, I loved every minute of it.




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