Book Review: Words That Bind by Ash Krafton

wtbSocial worker Tam Kerish can’t keep her cool professionalism when steamy client Mr. Burns kindles a desire for more than a client-therapist relationship—so she drops him. However, they discover she’s the talisman to which Burns, an immortal djinn, has been bound since the days of King Solomon…and that makes it difficult.

Ethical guidelines are unequivocal when it comes to personal relationships with clients. However, the djinn has a thawing effect on the usually non-emotive Tam, who begins to feel true emotion whenever he is near. Tam has to make a difficult choice: to stay on the outside, forever looking in…or to turn her back on her entire world, just for the chance to finally experience what it means to fall in love.






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Tam (Tamarence) Kerish doesn’t feel, not emotionally anyway. A job as a social worker seems a perfect fit for someone that can’t experience emotion, but when new patient, Mr. Burns walks in with some odd demands, everything is about to change.

Burns is a fire elemental. His natural form is fire, but more than that, he’s a Djinn – a genie. Bound to a talisman, Burns wants nothing more than to be free of the bind that possesses him.

Ever since she was a child, Tam felt detached from the other humans around her. Where they felt, she merely saw. Her emotional detachment worried her parents who sought counselling, however Tam’s ability to see things the way others can’t, meant that finding a suitable counsellor was almost impossible. While the other adults find Tam’s behavior odd, her Grandmother seemed to know something they didn’t. Tam has, over the years, become used to her abnormality, however she is still desperate to know what it feels like to love and be loved.

When Burns turns up at Tam’s office, she belives he will be no different from the other clients that pass through her office. Little does she know that Mr. Burns is looking for something—and he knows she has it. Using the client confidentiality terms that Tam is bound by, Burns finds the perfect way to reveal everything to Tam without the risk of her exposing him.

A magical ride begins, but for Tam, it’s more than that. Finally faced with feeling real emotions, she becomes attracted to Burns. However she is conflicted by her professional role in which she can’t have personal relationships with her clients. Coupled with that, Burns behavior seems to change from one moment to the next – light and funny one minute, cold or angry the next. Still, she can’t fight her attraction.

Reading this book was an experience for me – I had never read a book about genies before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I found myself absorbed in the details about Burns and I thought the elementals were an excellent touch.

The book was quick to get going, which I appreciated. I found Burns intriguing, funny and thoughtful. It took a little while to connect with Tam, I think this was due to her trouble feeling emotion, but I would’ve liked to really feel more from her earlier on. I accept this would be quite difficult to do though.

The ride that I embarked on reading this book was full of magic and surprise and I found it quite enjoyable. I really liked how both Tam and Burns developed as the story went on and I found their relationship believable. There are some steamy scenes, executed well by the author and they fit in well, rather than just being there for no reason. The story developed at a good pace and had a great ending. The emotional development of Tam was really well thought out and well done.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book, but I felt that the writing style was a little formal at times. A really unique book, with an interesting storyline and interesting characters. 4/5



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