Book Review: The Honeypot Chronicles by R. Marlaan Rush

THCThe Honeypot Chronicles is a collection of short stories about grownups doing grownup things. It has a little something for every one-girl on girl, older/younger love, dominance with a touch of supernatural and fantasy thrown in for good measure. The characters are easy to recognize-they could be your co-worker, neighbor, a cashier from your favorite grocery store-practically anyone. They lust, they desire, they love just like you and also like you, they want their satisfaction when they want it.

Sooo, let their naughtiness inspire your naughtiness as they feed their wantonness. Let the heat between them motivate you to generate some heat with your significant other. Taste the sugary sweet swirl of interracial action and the bittersweet flavor of dominance on your tongue. Indulge that naughty, nighttime sweet tooth.




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I can’t decide whether it was more like a Chinese banquet or an amazing box of chocolates…

The blurb I received for this book had me hooked, well intrigued enough to want to read it. I confess it’s the first time I have felt that race or color was a matter of significance in something I was reading and personally the N word does not help. It was used outside of context from my point of view and there are far more powerful ways of exciting /scaring me.

So yes – It was like a chocolate box. Each chapter a mouthful of chocolaty goodness. Each chapter hot and steamy. It was also like a Chinese banquet. Each course left me wanting to know more. I wanted to read the full books which sat behind each of the chapters, with but one exception, but that was simply for reasons of personal preference.

So yes! I recommend the book, but not in one sitting! I would suggest it’s a good one to have at work and read at lunchtime, especially if you like that slightly breathless look in the early afternoon.

Without writing a short version of each chapter it is hard for me to describe the book without telling you what happens. So go on – give it a go if short hot stories are your thing. But I did tell you so if you come to the end of each chapter longing to keep reading…





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