Book Review: More Than Ever by Gretchen Tubbs

mte“I can’t. I’m sorry, and I appreciate everything you did for me today, but I just can’t.” I feel slightly sick as the words are coming out of my mouth. I don’t think I can open myself up to this. I want to, but I won’t do this to either of us. I can feel the chemistry. If we started something and it would end, it would be disastrous.
“Because of him?”
“No.” I get up from the table and start picking up my food. I don’t want to have this conversation. I walk to the trashcan and throw my leftovers away. When I reach the restaurant’s interior doors that lead back inside, I feel Bennett’s body pushed up against mine. It feels both safe and scary, all at the same time.
He leans over and whispers, “Why?”
In a voice that barely comes out, I reply, “Because of me.”

Lucy Brennan is fighting for her life.
Bennett Strickland feels alive for the first time.
Lives, friendships, family, and love are put to the test.

Everyone is fighting with everything they’ve got.
Will it be enough?

This is the first book in a series, but is a stand-alone novel.




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ESRR received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Lucy Brennan is like any ordinary girl…except she suffers from a genetic kidney disease and is going through life on dialysis three times a week and no kidneys.

Lucy is surrounded by a supportive family and her best friend Miller, whom she lives with, as well as her sister, Maggie. Miller is deeply in love with Lucy, but sadly, she doesn’t reciprocate.

On a scheduled trip to the hospital for dialysis, Lucy meets smoking hot nurse practitioner Bennett Strickland.
Lucy takes Bennet’s breath away the moment he lays eyes on her, despite her emptying the contents of her stomach onto him. Bennet wants nothing more to than to win Lucys’ heart, but Lucy is afraid of starting something with Bennet that she may be unable to finish.

More Than Ever is a beautiful story of love and loss. I really sympathized with Lucy’s situation and I loved how Bennett didn’t care about that at all. I did struggle with parts of the book as I really loved Miller and wanted so much for him to be happy. I felt at times that Lucy didn’t treat him fairly.

There are some truly heartbreaking moments in this book as well as times where I groaned and uttered ‘oh-no’. The emotion swirling within the pages was excellent and should be commended.

I think the differing points of view could have been expressed better. There were times, just after Bennett’s point of view, that we go back to Lucy’s point of view without clear direction. Also, I feel that we could have had more of Bennett’s point of view rather than snippets. There are also some errors that a good editor could weed out.
Overall I really liked More Than Ever. It is well told, and really pulled at my heartstrings. 4/5



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