Book Review: Salvation by Lizzie Ashworth

salvationSummer 2059. Fires burn out of control contaminating crops and water supplies with poison particulate. Carbon film infection runs rampant, spreading its devastating brown death across the globe. Only the mysterious effects of pleasure energy clear the infection. Transmitted from dance centers, meditation rooms, and sex houses to the healing grids by psionic adepts, pleasure energy ignites controversy and dissent.

Or the disease is a lie fabricated by the liberty culture. According to the Brotherhood, these are the end times, hastened by the world’s slide into moral decay. Young Josh Carter, fourth generation Brotherhood, has trained for years to combat this lie, to right the wrongs. Now the time has arrived. His mission—get inside the House of Rae sex house and take it down.




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The year is 2059 and the world is in trouble. Fires burn out of control and carbon film is making everyone sick. The only cure or help for the situation seems to come from pleasure energy brought on by dance centers, meditation rooms and sex houses. Unfortunately and despite being legal, the sex houses are still controversial due radical fundamentalist who target them.

Raised believing the end of time is near and that he was chosen to avenge his father’s death, Josh Carter was taught that the world’s views on sex contribute to Earths moral decay. For years he’s been training to carry out the mission of getting inside The House Of Rae, a female pleasure house, and take it down, but once he does, uncomfortable feelings evoke leaving him more confused than he’s ever been.

From the moment I saw the description of this book, I was both intrigued and somewhat skiddish as to whether I would really enjoy it. A dystopian centered around the idea of pleasure sex almost seemed too far fetched, but how the author would make it happen, was what really piqued my interest and I must say, I was completely amazed.

Lizzie Ashworth captivated me from the first few pages. Told mostly from the POV’s of Josh, Rae and Lu, we get vivid descriptions of every feeling, sight, sound and smell, but not so much that it holds the story back. Each character was flawed just enough to make them believable, but also likable despite their backgrounds and views. I felt for and sympathized with each of them and kept turning the pages hoping somehow it would all work out. This is not a romance where the male and female lead characters monopolize the story. Although their relationship contributes to the meat of the plot, it’s more of a secondary storyline to what’s really going on, but also one that you can’t help but want to see through.

Beautiful writing with a unique and well thought out plot- Salvation is well deserving of 5 Stars! I now want to devour every book Lizzie Ashworth has ever written and cannot wait to get my hands on Denial, the second book in The House of Rae series.



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