Book Review: Fix by Lily Temperley

fixWhat’s love got to do with it? Patrick Harrington is handsome, wealthy and successful. He is also a high-functioning addict that craves his next fix. His vices of choice are money and women: taking risks at work and pursuing multiple sexual conquests. Determined to get what he wants, as he always does, Harrington fixates on Alexandra Fisher – the latest pretty young thing in his office.







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Every coin has more than one side, every relationship has more than one way of seeing it! In this powerful, Hot and fast paced book we get to meet Alexandra, a girl with a challenging past overshadowed by her father, is she like him is a questions she comes back to time and again.

With a stable Boyfriend, A good job at the bank in the heart of the city of London and good friends around her, life is looking good and the future is bright. Her work takes her around the world and gives her access to the most confidential of information.

Alexandra’s job brings her in touch with the gorgeous Partick Harrington. A man who can and often does have ANYTHING he wants. In the main that means women. He is used to having what he wants when he wants it too. Women are largely conquests to be enjoyed for as long as they serve his purposes. His eye has been taken by the girl in the office and it is Alexandra who he now sets his eyes on.

Patrick comes from an Irish background although much more successful than the rest of his family. His high flying London lifestyle comprises the most amazing home, fully fitted with anything a young London playboy might want and regularly frequented by girls, some of whom he lures in, and others he pays to help meet his needs.

Alexandra and Patrick find themselves alone in the office one Sunday morning, and soon they begin to discover that both might want exactly the same thing.
The descriptive writing brings the opulent surroundings this book is set in to life. We get to know both characters so well and the twists in the book keep you wanting to know more. The book leaves me hungry to know what happens next without feeling I have been left at the top of a cliff. More books are in the planning stage and I for one can’t wait to read them.

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