Book Review: The Millionaire’s Forever by Sonya Weiss

tmfSign: Gemini

There are two sides to every Gemini guy…and one of them is red-hot.

Olivia Carter has a handsome, millionaire boyfriend. She’s madly in love with him. The hitch? He doesn’t actually exist. She told the lie to save Forever, her wedding design shop. And it worked-almost too well. As the media attention increases, so do the demands for Olivia to produce her “boyfriend.” With both her reputation and career in jeopardy, Olivia is desperate enough to do almost anything…

Which is exactly what millionaire Mason Parker wants. Thanks to Olivia and her father, Mason went through hell during his teen years, and now it’s time for a little payback-starting with the announcement that he’s her one and only. Now the sexy Olivia has no choice but to do what Mason wants. But none of his plans for vengeance included falling in love with the woman he planned to ruin…





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A copy of this book was received from Entangled via Netgalley.

Olivia Carter business is rocketing to success. The media have sat up and paid attention, orders are coming in from big Hollywood stars, and she’s even appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show. And the reason for her success is…true love, of course! Olivia has painted herself as one half of an ideal couple—the other is her childhood friend and now self-made millionaire who swept her off her feet and showers her in affection. They are head over heals in love with each other.

Their love story has captivated the public. Everything should be perfect…except, Olivia’s millionaire boyfriend doesn’t exist, and as the media insist for information on his identity, she’s about to be exposed.

Mason Parker is a cold and ruthless business man. He gets what he wants, when he wants and no one can stand in his way…except, he’s really not all that ruthless or cold. What he is is scarred, both inside and out.  After being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to a juvenile correctional facility by Olivia’s father, there’s only one thing on Mason’s mind—to get revenge on the family that wronged him.

Seeing Olivia’s predicament as the perfect opportunity, Mason announces to the media that he is her secret boyfriend. When he sweeps into Olivia’s shop and threatens to expose her, she finds herself in quite a predicament. Mason wants a piece of land that Olivia owns….the piece of land that the correctional facility he spent time in is situated on. The deal is straightforward enough—he’ll pose as her boyfriend for six weeks, thereby saving her business and by the end of their time together, he’ll convince Olivia to part with her treasured land. Though he finds Olivia as beautiful as he did all those years ago, he can’t let his deep rooted feelings stand in his way.

Olivia has big plans for the piece of land she owns. Her late mother wanted to do something to help the community, and Olivia is determined to see those dreams come true. With Mason dead set on acquiring the land on which his nightmares began, and Olivia determined not to part with it, things are about to get messy.

I love a book that can drop me straight into the conflict, yet still build up the characters enough to make me care about them. This is the case here, and it was done very well. I found Olivia’s predicament comical at first, but as the books goes on and the reasons behind why she did it start to come to light, it became much more serious thereby raising the stakes. My heart pained for her and I couldn’t see any way she could get out of the mess she’d created.

Mason seems like a complete jerk at first, but very quickly his reasons come to light and his story pulled at my heartstrings more than anything else. I felt pulled in opposite directions—rooting for both these characters to get what they wanted, even if that didn’t seem possible.

Little doubt is left that these two are drawn toward each other, and have been from a young age. Olivia was the one that got away, despite giving Mason the opportunity to have something more with her in their younger years. This again serves a knife to the chest when more is revealed about their past, and how one night that should’ve made them, broke him.

Make no mistake, this book will tie you in knots. As the two grow closer and the energy between them surges, resolving their issues looks almost impossible. Someone has to lose.

There were times when I felt as though the spark between them could’ve been conveyed in a way that really drove home their attraction to each other, but in too many places it felt as though their closeness was almost mechanical. Their chemistry could’ve popped from the pages, but it lacked that all consuming fire. That said, these characters will still bring you along on their journey, immersing you into their lives and making you love, laugh and hurt.






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