Review Policy

*When sending a review request, please make sure that you have a mobi file that you can send us. We are very busy trying to review as many wonderful authors as we can, therefore do not have the time to follow links once a review has been requested. Thank you.

We are currently open to review requests, however before you contact us for a review – please make sure you read the following:

We are open and honest in our reviews, and we will include what we liked about your book and what we didn’t like. As well as posting the review on our blog, we will also post on Amazon and Goodreads. The format we prefer will depend on which one of us chooses to review.

* We will always include how we’ve received a book, usually – ‘I read this book in exchange for an honest review’.

* Our ratings range from one to five, five being the best.

* If sending a digital file please send .mobi

* Our reviews are subjective and we will be honest in our reviews. We cannot and will not guarantee you a good review

* We give each book at least four chapters

* We can only respond to requests we accept

* If we find anything in your books we deem some may find offensive, we will include this in our review.

*Your book must be about to released or recently released. There are many authors trying to find reviewers for their books so to keep it fair, please don’t contact us if you already have a lot of reviews.
We have many, many review requests that we are currently working through, however we are still open for submissions.

Sometimes, although your book may be excellent, it may not tickle our fancy.

We accept self-published books, however if they are fraught with errors, we return these without review.

Whilst we enjoy YA – there are plenty of review sites that read YA, therefore we do not review YA.

Please note that all books must have be romance.

Due to the growing popularity of our blog, it would be impossible to respond to all review requests, therefore if you don’t hear from us – we are very sorry. As much as we would love to accept every request, we just can’t.


If you submit your review to us and we accept, please be aware that that does not mean your book will appear on the blog. Sometimes once we begin reading, we find that a book just isn’t for us for any number of reasons. This isn’t always a bad thing, so don’t assume that if your books fails to be listed on the blog that it’s bad. Sometimes books just aren’t to our taste.

Books we review:

New Adult: Most Genres

Adult Romance


If your book is not a romance then we are not the reviewers for you.

Please use the contact us form to get in touch.




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