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Book Review: Six Months To Get A Life by Ben Adams

sixmonthsGraham Hope had it all – a wife, two perfect children, a detached house in the suburbs and a huge TV. Until today. He now has an ex-wife, lives in his parents’ spare room and gets the kids and the dog at weekends. He might be lost and lonely, but Graham is not a victim. Six months from today he will be forty-three. He vows to sort this mess out by his birthday. He gives himself six months to get a life. Will Graham play a meaningful role in his boys’ lives? Will his mates take him under their wing? Will he move out of his childhood home? More importantly, will he ever have sex again? For Graham, failure is not an option.






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Is there is such a thing as man-lit? If not, this is it. Although, that isn’t exactly true, because as a woman, I very much enjoyed Ben Adam’s debut, Six Months to Get a Life.

I was truly genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. Told in diary form from the perspective of Graham, a forty-two year old divorced father of two, I wasn’t sure how much real life details could be given when one is essentially talking to themselves. But, Adams’ smooth writing style gives a refreshing spin on this unique storyline.

Sometimes brutally honest and not so likable tale of life after divorce, Graham Hope finds himself stuck in a rut and unhappy with where his life has led. Working a job that seems to be going no where, living with his parents and bitter over the split and shared visitation arrangements of the kids with his ex-wife, he sets about to make changes and gives himself six months to get his life back together. Included in those goals is to dip his toes back into the dating pool.

While at times, Grahams self-loathing could be annoyingly frustrating, I also found his uncertainty to be endearing and truly believable. He’s had some setbacks, some of which make him bitter, but he’s man enough to recognize it and push forward to try and work past his issues. You can’t help but like him and find yourself reading on because you want to see how his story ends.

I hate giving away spoilers, I do, but I just have mention that there was one aspect of the story that really irked me. Throughout the book, Graham never mentions his ex’s name and always refers to her as “my ex.” This is just one of those pet peeves that really annoys me. So, I was beyond happy to see this addressed at the conclusion of the story and loved how Adams ties it in and addresses it.

A well written, enjoyable, contemporary drama of life after divorce, told in a witty and honest perspective, it’s a light and relaxing read that will leave you with a smile at the end.